Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air G-17 Review

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PROS / The sleek design of the Klipsch Gallery G-17 gives the speakers a futurist feel and look.

CONS / The sound is not quite as powerful as the best AirPlay speaker system.

VERDICT / The AirPlay speaker is a phenomenal option for the casual listener and audiophile alike.

When Klipsch released the Gallery G-17, it raised the bar for the sound quality and sheer beauty of AirPlay speakers. Rather than sacrificing some sound quality for looks and style, this AirPlay speaker has some of the most advanced options and stellar sound quality – all in a neatly packaged speaker box. AirPlay allows you to connect your Apple and iOS devices directly to the speakers over a standard Wi-Fi connection. This means you won't have to worry about Bluetooth ranges or radio frequency connections while you enjoy the beauty of wireless sound. The terrific options and outstanding design make the Klipsch Gallery G-17 our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner.

  1. The number of individual amplifiers within the speaker. Watch for speakers with an amplifier for each driver.
  2. 2 Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air
    5 Number of amplifiers.
  3. 5 Number of amplifiers.
  4. 3 Number of amplifiers.
  5. Category Average
    2.85 Number of amplifiers.


This AirPlay speaker is just a simple soundbar, so the sound quality is somewhat limited. However, it is just about as powerful and crystal clear as you could expect from a single-speaker unit.

The AirPlay sound system is bi-amplified and uses a pair of 2.5-inch Klipsch long-throw woofers, which are rated for 20 watts each, and two .75-inch tweeters, rated for 10-watts each. All of that is wrapped inside a bass-reflex enclosure, which is readily apparent. The sound quality rating usually extends its maximum performance up to 12 feet. However, these powerful little AirPlay-compatible speakers have no trouble filling an average-sized living room or apartment. There simply isn't much competition for the Klipsch Gallery G-17 speakers.


AirPlay wireless speaker systems are AirPlay-enabled speakers. This means you can download a simple app to your phone or mobile device to connect it to your AirPlay speakers. You'll have to connect your speakers to the internet via your iOS device, but you can do this by linking them with a simple USB cord. After you establish a connection, you can go wireless. The app download information is listed on the product information packets.

After you install the app and connect your phone or other device to the AirPlay speakers, the range is as far as your Wi-Fi signal extends. Unlike wireless speakers that connect via Bluetooth or radio frequency, you won’t have to be in sight of the speakers or have a limited amount of space to move around in. The phone or device becomes the remote for the AirPlay speaker.

The AirPlay speaker system comes with a wall mount and a small plastic frame. The overall design is quite stunning, and the speaker has a powerful set of drivers. There is even a place to charge your iPod, iPhone or other device while the music is playing.


The most common and best use for the speakers is connecting them to the device on which you store your music collection via an AirPlay connection. This allows any iOS device to connect to the speaker wirelessly, without any loss in sound quality. The AirPlay connection is simple, quick and can be used with all other types of media. Rather than using your iPhone or iPad's built-in speaker set to watch a Netflix movie, you can connect to the AirPlay speakers for high-quality sound to go with the high-quality movies. Whatever media you use, these wireless speakers are a perfect companion. There is also an auxiliary port available on the G-17 to connect other devices, or if your Wi-Fi connection is on the fritz. The type of connection does not affect the sound quality of the best AirPlay speakers, including these.

The Klipsch AirPlay speakers are extremely simple to set up and use. It's very unlikely that you'll need any extra help or support. However, should you encounter a problem with your AirPlay speakers, there are product manuals, as well as email and phone support options. There is a limited one-year warranty on the unit.


The Klipsch Gallery G-17 is simply one of the best AirPlay speakers available. It has an impressive design and astounding sound quality. The AirPlay speakers are convenient and provide one of the biggest sounds we've heard from a soundbar speaker set. Klipsch's customer support is terrific, and you'll love the sleek and modern design.